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En dan is het ineens najaar 2018….. Sinds de vorige update is er wel heel veel gebeurd; na het project voor E.ON Benelux B.V. in Rotterdam ben ik in 2014/2015 voor FosterWheeler Italiana 14 maanden werkzaam geweest op de fabriek van ExxonMobil op het EPC 3 project. Dit project betrof het “bouwrijp”  maken van een […]

(Nederlands) update

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looking back and ahead

When the end of the year draws near, we all feel the same urge to look back over the past year(s) and think about our personal and business achievements. I myself have nothing to complain about: In spite of the economic crisis I have not been at home for one day, I have been able […]

A sign of life

It is not that I have not experienced anything but recently, I have been quite busy with my work, the renovation of our house and of course I have also enjoyed my holidays so that I just could not find the time to post something on my site. As I wrote in my last message, […]

(Nederlands) Een wereld van verschil

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Making a choice

As already written in my last update, I have broadened my horizon a little bit by doing a number of jobs at sea. I have worked at the MPI Resolution for the company Dutch Drilling Consultants BV. This is a crane ship which has been specially built and designed for the construction of wind turbines […]

Broadening my horizon

Broadening my horizon In my younger years I always wanted to be a sailor: sailing, roaming around the world, those were the things I wanted to do. I don’t know why I haven’t become a sailor, things just went differently. I have always been attracted to water. If I have to think things over, I […]

Back in Business

I have been home now for some time after my India adventure and me (and my family) enjoy it very much! Of course, being at home for a few weeks to move to our new house is great. In this way, we had the chance to pack all household goods in a very relaxed way […]

Construction is a team sport

In the past years I have become increasingly convinced that construction really is a team sport: the individual players may be very good indeed but without passing the ball the goal will never be reached! Of course the reverse is also true: even though the individual players work together as a team, as long as […]

(Nederlands) De Laatste Loodjes

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