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Freelance Piling/Civil and HSE Specialist.

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My view on safety.

My view on safety. Within almost all companies and projects, there is a separate HSE department, manned by one or more HSE officers who take care of all HSE related topics. But is this the right way of working?? I think that safety is not the responsibility of the HSE department, but should be the […]

Communication, how does it work????

Communication, how does it work? People communicate with each other all day long; it is a continuous process. Each day, we talk, send text messages, twitter, send e-mails and faxes. Of course we take pleasure in all these things but are they really very useful? Does all information actually reach those people who should do […]

1 year HVE Services

1 March 2010, the start of HVE services. After having worked with pleasure as a paid employee for 20 years, I noticed that I began to ask myself several questions. I often wondered whom I was actually working for and whether I still enjoyed the things I was doing. After much deliberation I came to […]

Quality, what does it mean???

  Quality, what does it means?? Is what I am asking myself increasingly … … .., During my daily work as a Civil Supervisor I see a lot of things to which I am wondering myself, “Is this quality?? In my experience, quality is everything to do with adherence to agreed deadlines, after all, a […]


PPE’s Just a normal site walk on Saturday morning, 300+ people on site. On first inspection nothing appeared out of the ordinary, but if you look a little closer, it is striking how many people actually walk around without using the mandatory (and much needed) Personal Protection Equipment…… Wearing a helmet is really grown to […]