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En dan is het ineens najaar 2018….. Sinds de vorige update is er wel heel veel gebeurd; na het project voor E.ON Benelux B.V. in Rotterdam ben ik in 2014/2015 voor FosterWheeler Italiana 14 maanden werkzaam geweest op de fabriek van ExxonMobil op het EPC 3 project. Dit project betrof het “bouwrijp”  maken van een […]

Quality and safety

At first sight these two issues do not have anything to do with each other but in practice they do indeed have much common ground. Many Dutch contractors have assigned these two tasks to one department, the KAM department (quality, health and safety at work, and environment). I do indeed think that, to a certain […]

Safety Expert Training

Lately, while on a project, I came across the slogan “Safety: that’s you”. This slogan has made me think: these three words exactly convey the essence of safety awareness. For safety involves our own attitude and mentality! In the time that I still worked as a building supervisor I had a very friendly and skilful […]

My view on safety.

My view on safety. Within almost all companies and projects, there is a separate HSE department, manned by one or more HSE officers who take care of all HSE related topics. But is this the right way of working?? I think that safety is not the responsibility of the HSE department, but should be the […]

Communication, how does it work????

Communication, how does it work? People communicate with each other all day long; it is a continuous process. Each day, we talk, send text messages, twitter, send e-mails and faxes. Of course we take pleasure in all these things but are they really very useful? Does all information actually reach those people who should do […]

1 year HVE Services

1 March 2010, the start of HVE services. After having worked with pleasure as a paid employee for 20 years, I noticed that I began to ask myself several questions. I often wondered whom I was actually working for and whether I still enjoyed the things I was doing. After much deliberation I came to […]


PPE’s Just a normal site walk on Saturday morning, 300+ people on site. On first inspection nothing appeared out of the ordinary, but if you look a little closer, it is striking how many people actually walk around without using the mandatory (and much needed) Personal Protection Equipment…… Wearing a helmet is really grown to […]