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looking back and ahead

When the end of the year draws near, we all feel the same urge to look back over the past year(s) and think about our personal and business achievements. I myself have nothing to complain about: In spite of the economic crisis I have not been at home for one day, I have been able […]

Construction is a team sport

In the past years I have become increasingly convinced that construction really is a team sport: the individual players may be very good indeed but without passing the ball the goal will never be reached! Of course the reverse is also true: even though the individual players work together as a team, as long as […]


According to the Cup-a-Soup commercial everyone is his/her own manager these days: the paving stone manager, the paint manager, the site manager, the construction manager, the HSE manager etc. But what is a manager exactly? According to Wikipedia a manager is an executive, the tasks of a manager can be described in the following ways:  […]