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Lately, while on a project, I came across the slogan “Safety: that’s you”. This slogan has made me think: these three words exactly convey the essence of safety awareness. For safety involves our own attitude and mentality!

In the time that I still worked as a building supervisor I had a very friendly and skilful colleague who has taught me a lot in this area. His honest and open way of communication has made a lot of impression on me.

In the projects that I worked on in the last few years I noticed that there is a great need for people who really grasp the essence of safety, who understand that safety is more than wearing a helmet and safety goggles.

Within these projects there is a great need for people who have a practical background and who are not afraid to take decisions.

I think that, over the years, I have built up a reasonable amount of (practical) knowledge in the area of safety. I want to share this knowledge now and in the future to improve the safety awareness in projects.

Of course, my knowledge is far from being complete which is why I have decided to enrol for the Intermediate Safety Expert training (MVK) with Technicom.

 I think that this training will suit me very well and it will certainly be of use to me in my daily work!


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