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Quality, what does it means??

Is what I am asking myself increasingly … … .., During my daily work as a Civil Supervisor I see a lot of things to which I am wondering myself, “Is this quality??

In my experience, quality is everything to do with adherence to agreed deadlines, after all, a good quality product meets the requirements and specifications, right??

Unfortunately I find increasingly that there are two types of quality, a paper and an actual. It is simply too often defined by the quality control checklists and protocols does not match the reality!

Checklists are completed and approved without having a look at the final product!

This can (and should) not be the intention of a quality system? Indeed, these systems and the corresponding protocols and forms were ever intended and designed to demonstrating that controls were implemented, while it is now in practice means that these protocols and checklists lives a life of its own, regardless of the actual product !

In this way, the checklist became a goal on it’s own, while the means (in this case for instance a checklist) was intended to show that the ultimate product reached his goal (according to the specifications and delivery requirements)!


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