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Broadening my horizon

In my younger years I always wanted to be a sailor: sailing, roaming around the world, those were the things I wanted to do. I don’t know why I haven’t become a sailor, things just went differently.

I have always been attracted to water. If I have to think things over, I usually drive to a quiet place along the river or to the sea to collect my thoughts while looking out over the water.  In the weekends and in the holidays we frequently sail with our pride, sea scow  Koperwiek on the Zeeland Waters. On those occasions, I always feel a little bit like a sailor, sailing on the brine!

After the adventure in India a number of interesting assignments came my way. Unfortunately, one of those assignments required that I should give up my independence. I have thought about this for a long time because it was a beautiful project in a field where I feel like a fish in water but I hesitated about giving up my freedom and company for this….after much deliberation I have decided to refuse the offer.

The reason is that I feel that HVE Services is the right direction for me, and most importantly, I can determine my own direction. Something which would be impossible when being employed by a (big) company. Of course, economic circumstances and prospects are not quite favourable right now, there is a fall in investments which certainly applies to the big projects in the Oil, Gas and Power industry. So this means that less building activities take place and, as a result, the demand for Construction Professionals has decreased. Of course, this has made me think: Should I remain active on the same market  or should I try to explore other markets? Of course, I didn’t have to think long about this question, of course I have to broaden my horizon!

Considering my background as a crane operator, extensive experience in the foundation technology, highly developed sense of safety and interest in all that floats and sails, the link to working in the offshore industry was quickly made. In order to gain entrance to this world you must possess a valid medical certificate and a NOGEPA0.5A/OPITO certificate.  For this purpose, I have taken part in a training with FalckNutec  on the Maasvlakte.  A good, instructive and well-organised training course in which you are “crammed”  for working in the offshore industry.

In the past, I contacted a firm (Dutch Drilling Consultants)that frequently carries out projects “Offshore”.  This contact now proved to be very useful: After one meeting we all had the feeling that we could create a win-win situation. So at the moment, I am working for DCC: A number of mono piles have to be drilled out for a wind farm at the English coast. Since Wednesday, we have been waiting for a ship in Greath Yarmouth that will pick up both us and the drilling equipment.

 To be continued!


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