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Written by: on 8 January 2012 @ 22:21

As already written in my last update, I have broadened my horizon a little bit by doing a number of jobs at sea. I have worked at the MPI Resolution for the company Dutch Drilling Consultants BV. This is a crane ship which has been specially built and designed for the construction of wind turbines at sea. All in all it was beautiful work in an impressive environment and I must say that in this way, I have been able to gain a good impression of the fields of offshore wind turbines/foundations at sea.

In the past weeks however, I have been approached by various parties for assignments “onshore” (simply on land). All these assignments were very interesting and I must say that, without any doubt, I would feel like a fish in water doing any of these assignments. After various talks with the parties in question I found myself in the (rather exceptional) situation that I had to choose which offer I would accept in 2012. Of course, I had an instinctive preference  but in order to make a conscious choice I not only let my  feelings rule me. After having weighed the pros and cons of all assignments I have chosen Shell Chemistry Netherlands in Moerdijk. In the coming year I will work here as a Civil Supervisor. In this position I will not only have to deal with all possible activities in the civil engineering field but above all, these works (carried out in in a live chemical plant) have to be carried out in a safe and responsible way. It is this combination of implementation and safety that appealed very much to me and made me decide to opt for this position.

 To be con tinued!


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