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Written by: on 29 September 2012 @ 21:40

It is not that I have not experienced anything but recently, I have been quite busy with my work, the renovation of our house and of course I
have also enjoyed my holidays so that I just could not find the time to post something on my site.

As I wrote in my last message, I have been working for Shell Chemie in Moerdijk since January. I have supervised various projects there in the position of Civil Supervisor/Safety Coach. I have supervised not only civil but also a number of mechanical engineering projects. Nice and valuable work for a reliable client, but when, just before the summer holidays, I was approached by two parties asking me to start as a project manager in piling industry again, this request was hard to resist. After a number of talks I was in the – quite comfortable – position that I could choose between two companies. A difficult choice which occupied my mind during my vacation in the Zeeuwsche Stromen.

After having weighed all the pros and cons and losing some sleep over this issue during a few nights, I was able to reach a decision.
Since the beginning of September I have worked for Bam Speciale Technieken. To be honest, it feels a little bit like coming home again. I have enjoyed my time at Electrabel, Siemens and Shell, but I now enjoy the dynamics again which is part of the contracting business and of piling industry in particular. I am on the road a lot, occupied with technology, organizing things, maintaining relations and, in the meanwhile,
trying to familiarize myself with procedures, customs and rules of BAM Speciale Technieken. In short, no time to get bored!

To be continued.


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