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When the end of the year draws near, we all feel the same urge to look back over the past year(s) and think about our personal and
business achievements. I myself have nothing to complain about: In spite of the economic crisis I have not been at home for one day, I have been able to do an exciting and valuable job for Shell Chemie Nederland in Moerdijk in the first eight months of 2012. Working as a Civil Supervisor at a petrochemical plant had been on my “to-do” list for some time so this was a great opportunity! Together with a number of nice colleagues I have been engaged in a number of interesting projects: from piling for setting up a crane and a new LPG pump floor to an adjustment to the jetty(berthing place for sea tankers) and the mounting of a steel construction to a chimney at a working height of 47 metres.
All on land, at sea and in the air! All nice jobs which, due to the fact that they had to be carried out in a live petrochemical plant, required a great deal of expertise and sense of safety! I have greatly enjoyed my time at Shell and have seen and learned a lot of (new) things.

As I wrote in my last blog, I have followed my inclination and since September I have been working in the Piling Industry again. A project for BAM Speciale Technieken (better known as BAM Grondtechniek or NGT). I have been hired by BAM  as a project manager for the Groninger
Forum project. A beautiful project: in the city centre of Groningen, a five-storey underground car park has to be built requiring BAM Speciale
Technieken to install the diaphragm walls, anchor poles (Gewi), steel tubular piles (Tubex) and the strut frame. A challenging job, not in the least because of the geological circumstances in Groningen! Managing of such a project is the work I really love, being occupied with technology, people, contracts, finance, in short (more than) enough work to get my teeth into!

Looking back on the assignments I have carried out since the start of HVE Services I have often been amazed by the fact that, in my opinion, large companies spend more time on all kinds of internal procedures and processes than on the actual product to be delivered…this truly cannot be the company’s intention? I would expect that in these (rough) times, focus would be on the final product, taking care that work is progressing, money is earned, no energy is wasted on all kinds of (in my opinion) less useful internal processes and procedures but unfortunately, this is not always the case!

Somebody last said to me: “a company employing more than 1,000 staff does not need (external) customers, it keeps itself busy”. I
am starting to understand what he meant more and more and I belief that (sadly enough!) there is a real element of truth in this statement.

Of course, in this time of year we should not only look back, but we should also look ahead, and reflect upon the “course” to steer in the coming year(s). What opportunities can be seized, are there any points for improvement and, not unimportantly: What would I really like to do? I love the work that I do now but I do feel that there are possibilities to extend the activities of HVE Services in a number of areas. For example, I see possibilities to shift my focus to piling works in the (petrochemical) industry. So in the months to come I will be busy developing my ideas!

To be continued!


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