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1 March 2010, the start of HVE services. After having worked with pleasure as a paid employee for 20 years, I noticed that I began to ask myself several questions. I often wondered whom I was actually working for and whether I still enjoyed the things I was doing. After much deliberation I came to the conclusion that my ambitions had deviated too much from the work I was doing. Challenging (international) projects in the petrochemical and energy generating industry, that is what I am good at, that is what I want to do!

One year later, I am still glad that I took this step (despite the credit crisis). The freedom, the networking, the contacts with other entrepreneurs but also the “normal” things such as doing the administrative work give me much satisfaction. And, of course, also a very important aspect: I know for whom I am doing this each day: simply for myself!

Of course I have the luck that my very first assignment is a large and long-term project so continuity is guaranteed! However, I have to actively keep searching for a (potential) follow-up assignment!

Already before the official start of HVE services I came into contact with an experienced accountant who not only does my bookkeeping but also coaches me and provides advice on practically all aspects of entrepreneurship, which is invaluable!

In the coming months I want to dedicate myself – besides my regular work – to setting up a kind of standard work/reference book on all aspects of the start and execution of a project. This reference book must become a living document since each project and situation provides new insights and I want to continue incorporating the “lessons learned” in this reference book. I will set up this “project” together with a friend who is a safety expert with whom I have been working together very closely.

In brief, I have not for one moment regretted the choice to start my own business. I am still full of ideas and see enough chances and opportunities for growing my business 


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