Hans Versteeg

Freelance Piling/Civil and HSE Specialist.

In my younger years I could always be found at the yard of Verlaat Wegenbouw: riding along with the drivers, loading cars with a shovel, cleaning and filling up asphalting machines and steamrollers and driving a tip up truck myself every now and then, really fantastic when you are 14 years old!

For me it became clear quite quickly that, after having finished Junior Technical School, main subject motor vehicle technology, I wanted to go the SOMA operator school in Ede.  A school where, apart from the theory of working with and repairing construction equipment, you also learned
the trade in practice. Half of the time we could be found in the cabins of all possible construction equipment, from bulldozer to dragline, from grader to steamroller. We had to work with all machines and maintain and repair them all. I am still grateful to my parents that they made it possible for me to receive this (rather expensive) training!

After this training I started as a machinist at Verlaat Wegenbouw, first as a steamroller operator and later as a operator on a Wirtgen asphalt cutter. Great work, I have learned a great deal in this period! After my employment with Verlaat, I started as a pile driver/foundation worker at Terracon Foundation technology, after having briefly worked in the crane rental. I quickly grew into the job of rig operator on a Junttan PM 30 piling rig, a huge rig which could do any heavy job. After a while, I was asked to become a construction supervisor. And suddenly you find yourself in the situation where you work on a huge rig and are then asked to get off this machine to become a construction supervisor…

I needed some time to think this over but I decided that I had to take this chance. Being a construction supervisor with a Piling firm is a great job, a lot of freedom, being on the road  a lot, from Delfzijl to Terneuzen, a job in Maagdenburg, going to Nigeria for a short
while, job at Shell Pernis, then on to Esso, then to AKZO, I loved it all, especially the jobs at the factories, those were my favourite ones. In this
job, not only my knowledge of Piling was appealed to but also my knowledge of safety and quality which made it more interesting.  In this job, my love for working within the gates of petrochemical companies developed, here also my interest in all matters related to quality and safety was roused. With the lapse of time, I developed into a project manager, a job which suited me quite well! I was responsible for large-scale projects, managed the entire process of  work planning, progress of work to completion of projects in the petrochemical industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

When in 2009, the work in the industry and abroad was slightly decreasing, I started to ponder on the following: I had built quite an extensive network, had gained much experience, why shouldn’t I turn  this to my advantage and start my own business? All in all, it was not an easy choice to resign a good, permanent job, but after a lot of “desk research” and talks with Janet I took this step. On 1 March 2010, HVE Services, technical and management consultancy, was established. I think that my experience, knowledge, no-nonsense mentality and humour (not entirely unimportant) enable me to make a positive contribution to (building ) projects in the Netherlands and abroad. By means of this blog I want to keep you informed of my “adventures”, thoughts and experiences.



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