Hans Versteeg

Freelance Piling/Civil and HSE Specialist.

Expansion of activities

Recently I stumbled onto a good man basket, not so very old, well-manufactured, with accompanying CE certificate (and built in my place of residence Hardinxveld).

I immediately thought of the possibilities: renting, selling or just keeping it so that I could bring it along as an extra service on projects where many inspections at a great height were required.

The inspection papers of this man basked had expired but as all certificates were available this was no problem. I had the man basket tested at Vlierodam in Rhoon and arranged for the certificates to be updated. The man basket is now ready for use for one year.

So if you should need a work cage, please contact me, this cage (if necessary, supplied with harness belts and work instructions) can be rented at a reasonable rate!


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